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High Speed Training

Even with the best equipment in the world, your athletes’ performance will be limited by the training they receive. The NORAMCO Performance Program goes hand-in-hand with our HS Series high-speed equipment to provide the training previously reserved for the elite, top tier athlete.

Noramco Performance Training Makes the DifferenceThe program consists of five components designed to develop the athlete’s dynamic sprint speed, running mechanics, functional mobility, strength, recovery time, and confidence. Athletes are pushed, quite literally, to their limit. Any athlete, of any skill level, who completes this eight-week program will show dramatic improvement. Turn your 3rd string players into an asset and bring the entire team to the next level.

We also offer a land-based program that, when combined with our HS Series high-speed treadmill and the NORAMCO Performance Program, provide a complete training solution for your athletes! This is what we call, “The Next Evolution of Speed.”


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Low maintenance, high value treadmills built right here in Texas, USA. User capacity of 700 lbs. Steel display panel. Indestructible finish. All our equipment is built to last - home, commercial, high speed and high performance equipment and training programs. Preferred for high-use and destructive settings like gyms, schools, apartment complexes, aircraft carriers, fire and police stations, military installations, off-shore oil rigs, and prisons.